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Keep track of all your expenses in an easy 1, 2, 3 fashion. Enter the expense, access the expense report between your selected dates, and share it in pdf format. Taxes done!

The Map Tool allows you to Map all the flights you’ve entered over a start date and end date of your choice.

AirCrew makes it easy for you to keep track of your crews. In addition to being able to store all of their contact information, seniority date, base domicile and photo… you’ll be able to quickly view all of the flights and the calculated distance you’ve flown together, along with the overnights you’ve had together. Don’t forget to keep notes about everyone too!

AirCrew has over 10,800 airports at your fingertips. See local time, airport name, and location. You may enter hotel and transportation for all of your personal cities. See how many times you’ve departed, landed and overnighted in each city. You may also map the city to see an areal view of the airport.

Keep log of all your flights. AirCrew will keep track of all your block hours, positions flown, distances flown, passengers flown, airports flown to/from, crew members flown with, and you can even map your flights when viewing your flight details.



Pilots and Flight Attendants of all degree - here it is - an app tailored just for you. Developed by AirCrew for AirCrew! A pocket pal recording your life in the sky including your Trips, Flights, Hotels, Crew Members, Expenses and more. Want to know how far you’ve flow today, this month or this year? AirCrew will answer that for you. Want to see some or all your flights quickly displayed on a Map? AirCrew can do that for you. Do you need to tell your accountant how much money you spent on Van Tips, Uniforms and Shoe Polish last year? AirCrew will handle that for you as well. But it doesn’t stop there! 

Click here to view the features available in Lite/Full versions of AirCrew

There is no extra cost to know EVERYTHING to know about AirCrew. Video Tutorials can be accessed within the app, showing you point by point how to use all of AirCrew’s features.

AirCrew allows you to sync and fetch to your data to our online server. This gives you the ultimate flexibility when working between devices and assures you that your data is safe and secure.


The Resume Tool allows you to retrieve an extensive list of calculations related to all the data you’ve entered. Select a start date and end date, and AirCrew’s Resume Tool shows you the amount of trips flown, days flown, flights flown, hours and distance flown on a specific aircraft type, hours and distance flown in a specific position and much more. You can even post it online and show off all your hard work!


AirCrew’s Trip feature, allows you to create your trips and connect flights, overnight cities, overnight crew members, hotels and photos. Once you’ve entered your trip information, AirCrew will provide calculations on your total Trip distance flown, total Trip passengers flown, Total Trip block hours flown, and total Trip duty hours flown. Oh yeah, and simply press the map icon when viewing your trip, and a map will appear of all your flights in less than a second!