Drink Order iPad is the next generation of taking drink orders inflight on the beloved SWA LUV jets!

With the addition of the iPad to the crew bag of tricks, doors are waiting to be opened to make inflight duties more efficient and fun. With the Drink Order iPad app, no longer will you need a pen, paper, night-light, or those cheater reader glasses you keep forgetting to take home with you.

Drink Order iPad features over a dozen drink order sheet templates to choose from and over 10 different pen colors to express your artistic genius. What’s even better is how easy and familiar taking your drink orders on the iPad will feel - all by using your finger.

Simply follow these steps:

1) Download the app
2) Open the app
3) Press the plus icon to start a new order
4) Choose a drink order sheet template (Position and Aircraft, Tray Method or Custom)
5) Ask customer what they want to drink
6) Use your finger or stylus to write down what customer wants to drink
7) Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the cows come home. Hee-Haw!


Was Drink Order iPad created by SWA?

The development and distribution of Drink Order iPad has no affiliation with SWA. It was created by GoFly Media, LLC, which was founded by one of your fellow flight attendants who is also using this app.

Why was this app created?

Drink Order iPad was created as an alternative to the paper drink order pads provided on-board. Over 4,000,000 pieces of drink order paper are used annually to take drink orders, so hopefully using this app will help reduce this number. Also, SWA's management has said the company issued iPads will be used to accept alcohol payments in the future, so hopefully this will be helpful to the workgroup as a tool alongside whatever software that will be provided to swipe credit cards.

Do I have to use the app to take drink orders? 

No. This is simply an alternative to using the paper drink order sheets, which will still be available on the plane as they are now. You may choose to not use the app, or use it on some or all of your flights. 

Do I use this app to swipe credit cards for alcohol purchases?

No. The Drink Order iPad app is an alternative solution to using the paper drink order pads provided on the plane. 

Where do I put my iPad serving drinks?

We have created and have tested a tray iPad caddy using Lego bricks. You can find instructions to build your own Lego brick caddy on this web page, or we will send you a pre-built Lego brick caddy for a small fee. More information is available on the Drink Order iPad Facebook page

How much does the app cost?

The app is $4.99 and is available on Apple's AppStore.

Why do I have to pay for this app?

The development of the app was funded by GoFly Media, LLC and the costs associated with development need to be recouped. Apple's iOS platform is always changing; thus, app developers must continuously update their applications to ensure they are working properly. Apps that are free on the AppStore typically recoup their development and maintenance cost through advertisements displayed within the app. The Drink Order iPad app will not be connected to an internet connection when being used, so we can not display ads. Note: This is a one time charge.

If I don't like the app, can I get a refund?

Drink Order iPad is like any other app on the AppStore related to the refund policy. Refund requests are handled directly with Apple, and typically Apple will only honor a refund if the app does not work. Apple does a very detailed review of an app's front and back end functionality before it is available for sale on the AppStore to ensure that it works and meets Apple's strict AppStore guidelines. GoFly Media, LLC can not provide a refund if you are unsatisfied with the app. However, we are committed to making sure our users love our apps, so please contact us with any feedback you have, and we'll do our best to help you now, or in a future update of the app. 

Serving Tray iPad Caddy

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