iCloud - My data isn't syncing between devices, how do I fix this?

FAQ added 6/5/15

AirCrew's iCloud functionality has been designed to give the user control of the syncing process manually, instead of having it automatically update. The reason is so the user doesn't duplicate records between devices and you can see your data being saved and retrieved in real time, just like saving a file on a computer.

To sync your data to your iCloud, press the Tools option on the tab bar on the bottom of the screen. Go to Settings and scroll down to the iCloud section. Press the sync button and follow the prompts. You can now go to your other device, follow the same steps, but press fetch instead of sync. Your data will appear on your device just as you synced it on your other device. It is recommended that you sync your data often to ensure it is backed up. Also, keep in mind that whenever you sync your data to your iCloud, the current data being synced is what will be saved. So if there is data you synced previously that you want, it will be overwritten. Again, this is to avoid double entry of records.

Note: As of June 5, 2015, we are in the process of enhancing the Sync process to give the user confirmation once the Sync has finished. If you are not able to Fetch your data, or it isn't Fetching completely, leave the settings screen open after you press the Sync button for 3-5 minutes. If it still doesn't work, try again and wait longer. Also make sure your device does not go to sleep during this time. This issue is only temporary and will soon be fixed with an update to follow. 

iCloud - Can I transfer the data I entered into the Lite Version of AirCrew into the Pro version?

FAQ added 7/15/15

Yes! In the Lite Version of AirCrew, press the Tools icon on the bottom right of the TabBar, select Settings, then press the Sync button in the iCloud section. Follow the prompts to upload your data to your iCloud. Open AirCrew Pro, go to the Tools section, Settings and under the iCloud section, press Fetch. This will retrieve the data you uploaded to your iCloud in the Lite Version. Please Note: when you sync data to your iCloud, whatever data in on your device that you are syncing will replace whatever currently exists in your iCloud account. When you fetch data from your iCloud account, whatever is on your iCloud will replace whatever you currently have entered in the app. This is the same process as saving a file on your computer.

Can I import my flights/trips into AirCrew?

FAQ added 7/15/15

At this time, there is no importing functionality available. AirCrew was intended for use without any web connectivity, so that the user can input and retrieve all their statistics locally on their device even while flying. With the exception of the Maps Tool, we held true to this intention. AirCrew was created for all flight crew members: Commercial, Private, Military, FAM's, etc. It's not impossible, but it would be very difficult to convince airlines and other scheduling software companies to allow us to connect to their systems for data import. We are in the process of creating importing functionality that we're sure will be very beneficial to everyone. So stay tuned!

If I delete a trip or any data connected to my trip, do my flights, hotels and crew members get deleted also?

FAQ added 7/15/15

AirCrew is setup in 5 parts: Trips, Flights, Cities, Crew Members and Tools. The way to edit and delete a Trip, is within the Trip Section. The only way to edit or delete a flight is from the Flight Section...etc. When you add a flight, hotel or crew member to a trip, you are making a connection to those records. You can add a flight within the flight section or when adding a trip. Which ever way you choose, the flight is saved within the flight section, and can only be edited or deleted from the flight section. Same rules apply for your crew members. You can add a crew member when adding a trip, adding a flight or within the crew member sections. No matter where you add the crew member, the crew member information is held in the crew member section, and can only be edited or deleted within the crew member section. 

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Update 7/16/2016

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